‘Good journey!’

On the day of my departure, I got many messages said ‘Safe journey!’ from my family and friends.

I now have time to think about who are important to me, and what is important in my life. Juri and I often talk about the topic and think that relationships with family are the most important to us. I came to be more positive than ever before about relationships with people, and I would like to treasure the people around me more.

Swiss Life


Two weeks have passed since I arrived at the school in Switzerland. I am going on the Diploma course this year as a returning student.

Breakfast starts at 7.30 am, and we have classes from 8:30 am to 7:15 pm. After the class, I study for exams in my room and go to bed at 11 pm. I wake up 4 am, and study until breakfast. The process is repeated day after day. I am taking a little rest today.

The atmosphere of my class is very different from that of last year. Their nationalities vary. We are under great stress and strains of the exams, but it is very positive. I never feel homesick, which I felt strongly last year. I am enjoying my Swiss life here.