Practical Exam

One of my two practical exams in school scored a major success! In the exam, I had to set a theme of a dinner party and arrange all the table settings by myself. It included decorating the menus and name cards, ironing a tablecloth and napkins, making flower arrangements for my guests, and on the following day, holding the dinner party, making conversation and talking to everyone with good table manners.

I have known about the practical exam since last year. That is why I have been learning flower arrangement in Japan for the year to prepare for the exam. I went to buy flowers and decoration items last weekend and prepared my table plan and conversation simulation.

In the exam, all my classmates, who were playing the role of my guests, helped me and talked to me a lot, and our conversation went well. When I saw my teacher’s big smile at the end of the party, I knew that my dinner had been a success, and we hugged after finishing the exam. I very much appreciate everyone’s support!