Beautiful departure day

In the morning of the day I departed London, it was a clear and very beautiful morning. The taxi driver was a nice Italian man. We had a chat the whole time until we got to Heathrow Airport.

This summer, I learnt that the strength of a personality was more important than looks for making friendships with people. I often struggled over how to find the strength of my personality this time.

Although I have just come back to Japan, I already miss England. England is very close to my mind, thanks to Juri. I miss the pies and cakes in the supermarkets and the humid underground in London. About this time in England, the temperature is falling and getting cooler. I want to go back to London.

My resolution

I am having a nice relaxing day in my room, talking with my colleague about work on Skype. Our office is relocating at the beginning of September, and now the new office is under construction to make it into an office.

My colleague took over the tasks of arranging the relocation from me. After arriving in Japan, I will take everything over from him again. Almost immediately, a new business will start in our office. Moreover, I would like to start a new business, but I might put it off until later.