Our new office

Our office has moved to a new place on a busy street close to the station. Finally, my routine job has returned to normal in the new office! The office is larger than before, there are so many shops around our building, and all of the new equipment in the office makes it comfortable for us to get along with our work. I got back home around midnight this week. Also, most of my colleagues stayed until late in the office.

I am going to return to my hometown to see my mum and relatives for a few days, and next week I’m going on a business trip to Hong Kong. I also have another business trip to Paris accompanied by my client at the end of this month.

My colleagues asked me to go to Paris with our client, who is a female designer, and said this is trip to entertain our guest, not your holiday. Her mother is also supposed to be joining to us. It is our company’s role to entertain them. I am planning the itinerary to include their plans.