Flavoured tea


Taking classes at the school of tea is my favourite pastime, as it is the time to create a nice cup of tea and share its varieties, its history and food to have with it. We did experiments on flavoured tea, and I made two cups of tea.

The theme of the table decorations was Halloween. The first one was apple cinnamon tea, which consists of fresh sliced apples, cinnamon and Sri Lankan tea, Uva. The second one was orange ginger tea with dried rinds of orange, served with cookies and chocolates.

My teacher, Keiko-sensei gave me tips on how to make fluffy French toast. It’s a really simple recipe. Mix eggs, milk and honey in a container, then soak bread in the liquid for 24 hours. Soaking for 24 hours is the key. Then fry the bread until it is golden brown.

In France


During our stay in Paris, Fashion Week was held, and the town was hugely crowded. There were a number of people who looked like they were associated with the fashion industry.

Two hours after leaving Paris, we arrived at a small village in Normandy. The village was beautiful like in fairy tales, and I felt that the people’s French sound of ‘Bonjour’ was mild and slow, which is similar to that of Swiss people. The sound in Paris is quicker and brisk. I bought Pain Swiss at a bakery for my breakfast and walked around the village.

It took two hours to get to Mont Saint Michel from the village. We checked in at a hotel and took time for a rest. That night, we had local wine and country dishes at a restaurant. The scenery was very beautiful. An old couple was sitting at a table by the window drinking Bordeaux wine and chatting in French for a much longer time than us. They looked a very cute couple.

The following morning, we finally visited the cathedral.


In Rome

Four of us flew to Rome and arrived at Fiumicino Airport at night. In a taxi, the beauty of huge Roman remains illuminated by spotlight in the darkness took my breath away! This was the first trip to Rome for everyone including me.

According to our tour guide, it would take about two months to see all the ancient remains, art and churches in Rome. While walking around the place that used to be ancient Rome, I thought I should have brought a book of the world’s history written in English, not Japanese, because names and pronunciation of the architecture and historical figures are occasionally different from those in Japanese books due to translation.

All works of art collected by the popes over the centuries in the Vatican Museums were wonderful. At a bookshop, I bought a thick guidebook covering the whole of Italy.

All I have to do in Rome is toss a coin into the Trevi Fountain, eat gelato at the gelateria and sit down on the Spanish Steps, we did everything!