In Rome

Four of us flew to Rome and arrived at Fiumicino Airport at night. In a taxi, the beauty of huge Roman remains illuminated by spotlight in the darkness took my breath away! This was the first trip to Rome for everyone including me.

According to our tour guide, it would take about two months to see all the ancient remains, art and churches in Rome. While walking around the place that used to be ancient Rome, I thought I should have brought a book of the world’s history written in English, not Japanese, because names and pronunciation of the architecture and historical figures are occasionally different from those in Japanese books due to translation.

All works of art collected by the popes over the centuries in the Vatican Museums were wonderful. At a bookshop, I bought a thick guidebook covering the whole of Italy.

All I have to do in Rome is toss a coin into the Trevi Fountain, eat gelato at the gelateria and sit down on the Spanish Steps, we did everything!