In France


During our stay in Paris, Fashion Week was held, and the town was hugely crowded. There were a number of people who looked like they were associated with the fashion industry.

Two hours after leaving Paris, we arrived at a small village in Normandy. The village was beautiful like in fairy tales, and I felt that the people’s French sound of ‘Bonjour’ was mild and slow, which is similar to that of Swiss people. The sound in Paris is quicker and brisk. I bought Pain Swiss at a bakery for my breakfast and walked around the village.

It took two hours to get to Mont Saint Michel from the village. We checked in at a hotel and took time for a rest. That night, we had local wine and country dishes at a restaurant. The scenery was very beautiful. An old couple was sitting at a table by the window drinking Bordeaux wine and chatting in French for a much longer time than us. They looked a very cute couple.

The following morning, we finally visited the cathedral.