Flavoured tea


Taking classes at the school of tea is my favourite pastime, as it is the time to create a nice cup of tea and share its varieties, its history and food to have with it. We did experiments on flavoured tea, and I made two cups of tea.

The theme of the table decorations was Halloween. The first one was apple cinnamon tea, which consists of fresh sliced apples, cinnamon and Sri Lankan tea, Uva. The second one was orange ginger tea with dried rinds of orange, served with cookies and chocolates.

My teacher, Keiko-sensei gave me tips on how to make fluffy French toast. It’s a really simple recipe. Mix eggs, milk and honey in a container, then soak bread in the liquid for 24 hours. Soaking for 24 hours is the key. Then fry the bread until it is golden brown.

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