My bookshelf

I cleaned my room and disposed of about a hundred books that were on my bookshelf. One of my New Year’s resolutions is to reduce the amount of my belongings. I am throwing away things such as books, clothes, and kitchen items, which I haven’t used over the past year.

Genre sections on my bookshelf are becoming clear. They are 15 sections: history, philosophy, travel guides, novels, autobiographies, health, cookbooks, tea, flowers, kimono, letter writing, business management, English grammar, academic theses and anthologies.

According to a book on organising storage, your bookshelf and cupboard reflect your potential liking, even if you seldom show it. I never dispose of old poetry books; I read them very occasionally in the middle of the night. The philosophy books were from my father. He gave me them when I was a child. I recently bought books by a Swiss philosopher, Carl Hilty. It also would be an important part of my life.

Tea time

I found a sentence in my writing of December a year ago, which was exactly the same as my current situation. ‘I feel this year has gone by too quickly in the rush of my job and short study abroad. Now I am writing an application form for studying in Europe.’

I bought cake plates this day a year ago. Last weekend, I just bought silver dessert spoons. And I said in it, ‘I had a tea time with a cake and tea at midnight’. Midnight tea time, again!

Yesterday, my colleague gave me a fortune cookie. The cookie’s message to me: ‘No doubt luck will come!’