My bookshelf

I cleaned my room and disposed of a hundred books that were on my bookshelf. One of my New Year’s resolutions is to reduce the amount of my belongings. I am throwing away things such as books, clothes, and kitchen items, which I haven’t used over the past year.

Genre sections on my bookshelf are becoming clear. They are 15 sections: history, philosophy, travel guides, novels, autobiographies, health, cookbooks, tea, flowers, kimono, letter writing, business management, English grammar, academic theses and anthologies.

According to a book on organising storage, your bookshelf and cupboard reflect your potential liking. I never dispose of old poetry books, as I read them very occasionally in the middle of the night. The philosophy books were from my father. He gave me them when I was a child. I recently bought books by a Swiss philosopher, Carl Hilty. It also would be an important part of my life.