For the first time in 6 months, I put on my kimono awkwardly, recalling the dressing process. I haven’t worn kimonos or attended a class since last autumn.

My teacher called me early this month to ask me whether I would go back to the kimono class. I told her that I would like to attend it. After opening my wardrobe of kimonos and grabbing the materials, I went to my kimono school after work.

Now I believe that continuing your hobbies for a long time will make you happy! When I got to the school, there were a lot of people wearing kimonos beautifully, and I found some familiar faces. I happened to see my old classmates and old teachers, all of whom I spent the beginners’ course with. The meeting reminded me of a fantastic, clumsy and fun time in our class. It was an unexpected but great reunion.

Through the knowledge of kimonos and the behaviour of the well-dressed teachers, I have learnt about the culture and style of Japan. Kimonos will be my lifelong hobby.

My office

The number of my colleagues has reached its maximum this month, and it will hit a new high this spring. They (development members) are divided into small teams at random, and each leader supervises everything from in-house cleaning to hearing the freshmen’s voices.

Since the new employees are young and less experienced, the old members are changing themselves to become brother figures. If the female staff increased, they might become more gentlemanly!

Spontaneously, the detailed things have increased and papers are stacked on my desk. I work while watching them and thinking about our work environment. I am very happy to feel that our relocation last year was a good turning point for us. Having introduced a coffee and tea space in a patch of our office, we have a little bit of time to read newspapers while having some coffee. Our office is rather comfortable after all, and maintaining it is my job.

Celebrating the New Year

I welcomed in the New Year while doing my packing. The following morning, I headed to Hong Kong for a holiday. I had my first champagne of this year on the flight.

I’ve enjoyed having food and wine in HK. Celebrating the Lunar New Year in February is more important for people here, but most places are decorated with Christmas ornaments beautifully.