For the first time in 6 months, I put on my kimono awkwardly, recalling the dressing process. I haven’t worn kimonos or attended a class since last autumn.

My teacher called me early this month to ask me whether I would go back to the kimono class. I told her that I would like to attend it. After opening my wardrobe of kimonos and grabbing the materials, I went to my kimono school after work.

Now I believe that continuing your hobbies for a long time will make you happy! When I got to the school, there were a lot of people wearing kimonos beautifully, and I found some familiar faces. I happened to see my old classmates and old teachers, all of whom I spent the beginners’ course with. The meeting reminded me of a fantastic, clumsy and fun time in our class. It was an unexpected but great reunion.

Through the knowledge of kimonos and the behaviour of the well-dressed teachers, I have learnt about the culture and style of Japan. Kimonos will be my lifelong hobby.