Sense of achievement

I have achieved my two aims. First, I have lost weight to reach my target. It was reached without difficulty by sticking to my dietary habits that I decided on the first day of this year. Secondly, I passed the Cambridge English Language Assessment at Grade A, C1 level. I couldn’t be happier at getting the score, as my last IELTS score didn’t meet my target. It took time to meet both of them, but eventually, my continuous efforts were well rewarded!

What to do now

Making a list of what to do before going to England in June, I give high priority to reading Japanese research materials which are relevant to my future studies. I guess that Japanese resources might not be readily available in England. I would like to decide on my research question somewhat, so I have just started reading articles, some of which I used to read when I was in college. Ideally, I hope to study by not only sitting down at a desk but also expanding friendships and playing and laughing with them joyfully, because I am going there to study communication skills and to come out of my shell.

Becoming sensitive to spending some time with my family and friends, I decided to visit my mother and stay with her for 10 days in May. During the coming holidays at the beginning of May, I am also going to have lunch with my friends several times, and I’m really excited to see them!