I was invited to lunch at a restaurant with a view over the sea by Keiko-sensei. The purpose of having lunch together was a token of her appreciation for helping her with her book recently, and also as a farewell lunch for me.

I was nervous to go to the restaurant that day, because I got off the train in Hayama for the first time in four years, since the day of the earthquake of 2011. I experienced the disaster in Hayama, as I had been working at an institute there for over ten years. The disaster changed my life and my thoughts about the future, and I changed my work soon after that. The day of the earthquake was the very last time I was in Hayama. So, when I saw the view around the station, a shopping mall, the institute I worked for, and small shops all along the seafront and the coast, my old work experiences came alive again. Nothing has changed.

We enjoyed discussing our latest news over lunch. I was certain that my decisions to change my job, to go to Switzerland and to study in England were right.