Green Campus


I found a photo in my album, which is a view of Amsterdam from my flight before its landing.

My first week in the UK has passed. The university campus here is very abundant with greenery and rabbits. I already explored the extensive premises, and I’ve found supermarkets, a bank, a post office, a medical centre, bookshops and cafes on campus. I wear a shirt, trousers and trainers every day, and just studying.

My class starts at 9 am, and I have lunch at 11.30 and another class until 3 pm. After the class, I normally do my laundry and talk with friends while having coffee, and we do assignments until 10 pm. I go to bed 11 pm and wake up 6 am.

Two days remaining

My packing is done! I kept my belongings to a minimum to get a chance to go shopping in the UK.

I am still busy with work to leave notes about my job, tidy up and clean rooms. Also, I am already missing my home while working in my office, so trying not to look back on the past.

Big prize


Armani Ristorante held the Champagne Perrier-Jouet event last Sunday afternoon, in which Perrier-Jouet Brut, Rose and Belle Epoque 1999 was served with a three-course lunch. Nanami and I attended the event.

After the lunch, the executives of Perrier-Jouet held an unexpected lottery. All menu cards placed on the seats were numbered for the lottery. My number was 48. The small prize was a wine glass, and the big prize was a bottle of champagne.

My number was called and I won a bottle of Champagne Brut! Nanami screamed with delight and I jumped for joy! We were very lucky to win the big prize.