Birmingham & York

At the end of June, I visited my friend living in Birmingham. The trip by train coach was fun. Birmingham is quite a big city, and the Birmingham Canal and the cruise looked nice. Many people were enjoying drinking and chatting along the canal. The public library in the city was marvellous. It is a very new building, and its observatory overlooks the whole city. Like many people do, my friend and I bought pasties for lunch and went to Birmingham Cathedral and spent time on the grass.

I also went on a trip to York. Many friends of mine said to me, ‘You will love it!’ Yes, York is very a beautiful, historical and lovely city. I really came to love York. York Minster, the Museum gardens, so many small shops and the river, and a lot of restaurants along the riverside make it a lovely city. Four friends of mine and I had a meal at one of the riverside cafes and enjoyed the day trip. I would love to stay in York for at least two nights to visit the places we didn’t have time to visit this time!


Last night, I dreamed that my deceased grandmother took me to a theatre to see a musical. I don’t remember the musical exactly, but the story was about a beautiful song. The song came out at an age among a community, and it faded, then tens of thousands of years later, exactly the same song came out again. I was very impressed with the story in my dream. After finishing the musical, my grandma took me to another place to see her friends, but I refused and tried to go home. She told me I should be more positive and I shouldn’t be afraid to encounter new people. I met her friends, and we had a chat over dinner. She said, eat well and eat more.

I woke up at 5 am this morning. It is quite unusual to have such a vivid dream about her, and then I thought of writing this down quickly.