The concert and the moon

Last night’s concert (the Wombats!) was fantastic! Before the concert, Luca and I enjoyed having a chat while drinking cider at the bar. The wonderful concert ended, and I breathed the fresh air outside, then I found that the moon was full in the night’s sky. There was not a flake of cloud.

We walked to a lake located on the campus. The path and the lake were filled with mist, and the full-moon in the misty lake view was really like a world of Harry Potter! While walking around the lake, I remembered that I was in the very ‘England’ like this view in my head when I was in Japan, reading Jane Austen. The view was special, and I came to like the lake.

Welcome party

My school held a welcome party for new students. I met many people, and I was able to talk to not only students but also scholars in different fields. There, I talked with Luca for over two hours about ourselves. He studies Politics, has a dream to work overseas and is really interested in Japanese cultural things. He invited me to a concert of a UK band on Sunday. I was motivated to finish my essay so I could enjoy the concert. I have to thank him for motivating me to finish my first assignment.