The First Week

My first week of grad school was really busy with socialising. Although I got a long reading list for my classes, my schedule last week was full to capacity with appointments with new friends.

On Tuesday evening, my British friend living in Birmingham came and stayed with me until Friday. For four days, we went sightseeing to see the castle, the cathedral, local shops and an art gallery. At night we had dinner parties with my flatmates. I really enjoyed walking all around the town, because I hadn’t been to many of them before.

The following day, my Japanese friends asked me to go to a sports pub to watch football and have lunch together. We went into town and spent the afternoon watching it, chatting, and drinking while I was thinking about my reading in my mind.

Finally, I started studying on Sunday morning. I scanned five books quickly and made notes for the classes. It was an astonishingly quick job.