Christmas holiday

After finishing the autumn semester, I only focused on writing my essay without hanging out around town in the Christmas ambiance. The campus fell silent, but the Christmas decorations quietly make students feel right at home.

I am leaving England today to spend my Christmas holiday in Tokyo with my family and friends, but I’m taking lots of reference books with me to finish another essay. Eric went on a trip to Scotland, many of my friends are staying, and Luca is going back to his home in Italy.

Sunny day

Since the beginning of December, I open the small window of an advent calendar and eat chocolate every morning. Unusually, it was a very beautiful sunny day yesterday. I went to town to buy some baking stuff; I would like to bake gluten-free-sugar-free-cookies this weekend.

My research projects are going to the final spurt, and I am enjoying every single process of assembling each piece of data and references. Everybody has their own different comfortable style for doing work. In my case, keeping it neat and taking a small step steadily are the best, though the negative point is slow reading speed.