Week 3 in spring semester

Recently I have been having variable concentration and motivation for my studies. Because of such conditions, the feedback of my research proposal by my supervisor was critical and I need to rethink the idea and revise the proposal but I am putting it off. Further, guidelines for dissertation were provided, and I started making documents for my oral presentation about the dissertation topic. My coursework is piling up as well. The packed assignments are causing me stress, and sometimes I cannot understand well what a professor explains, which makes me feel depressed. I have been in such a vicious cycle these days.

Beer night

A British friend of mine asked me to go to a pub, and we saw each other for the first time in three months. He looked for nice pubs with good food and traditional pubs beforehand for me, and we ended up having a lot of beers at three different pubs for a short time. I really had such a great British ‘pub experience’ thanks to him, and I love it.

We had fish and chips at the first place and had beers and crisps at the second place, local cider at the last place. People were talking over beers and crisps, sharing tables and small space. It felt like such a comfortable and relaxing time, and I talked to some people sitting next to me. The last place was located along a river and was a very old traditional pub that had some gambling machines. The main customers were elderly. I loved the atmosphere.

Spring semester

The spring semester has started. I have three modules and they are much more practical and heavy than the last semester. I have also started writing my research proposal and application forms while thinking about several choices for the future. Further, an assessment feedback returned, and it had a good mark but comments were very critical.

I have been unwell and I cannot have any caffeine or oily food. Probably, it could be because of a series of the stress and the pressure. The weather is bad as well. I hope to recover soon.