Beer night

A British friend of mine asked me to go to a pub. We saw each other for the first time in three months. He looked for pubs with good food for me, and we ended up having a lot of beers at three different pubs for a short time. I really had such a great British ‘pub experience’ thanks to him.

We had fish and chips at the first place and had beers and crisps at the second place, local cider at the last place. People were talking over beers and crisps, sharing tables and small space. It felt like such a comfortable and relaxing time, and I talked to some people sitting next to me. The last place was located along a river and was a very old traditional pub. The main customers were older people. I loved the atmosphere!

Spring semester

The spring semester has started. I have three modules, and they are much more practical than the last semester. I have also started writing my research proposal.

For the past few weeks, I have been unwell. Probably, it could be because of a series of the stress and the pressure. The weather is bad as well. I hope to recover soon.

Christmas holiday 2

My Christmas holiday was dedicated to doing my coursework. The following day after submitting the essay online, I flew back to England.

Just one thing that I learnt this time was I couldn’t work on my studies in Tokyo because my family, friends and even colleagues contacted me frequently and the time was taken up with responding, and the temptations were many! Next time, I will inform them of my return date late so that I can concentrate on doing my own thing first.

During the holiday in Tokyo, I met up with Asuka for the first time since 2012. He has changed greatly in the last three years. He got an MBA at a UK business school, got married and changed his job. We enjoyed chatting for a short time at a bar, where a French artist was playing piano and singing. When the artist approached us, he spoke to the artist in French and they talked to each other for a while. It surprised me that he studies French as well, I heard him speaking English and Italian though! This is how he always inspires me to study hard.