Antique market

This morning I felt that I must go out for some fresh air, because I had shut myself away in my room for a week, except for when I had to attend seminars. When I was about to leave my flat, Eric asked me to go to an antique market with him. I was glad to be asked, and we set out for town together.

After lunch, we went to the antique market and looked at some reasonable stuff. I bought a Tuscan cup and saucer in a sale, which cost me £1. They were made in England and have a classic flowery design. Eric got two mags and a tea set.

As well as enjoying shopping, we talked much about our studies and I exposed my feelings about the recent situations over coffee. Eric is quite a positive thinker, and he showed his understanding and thoughts for that.

After a lot of walking and talking for half a day, I realised that I had had a good change. My motivation for studies was completely restored.