I heard that my friend is going to Zurich in Switzerland for the Easter holidays. I envy her so much because Zurich is the place I would most like to stay for a holiday.

Since I visited Zurich three years ago, I have been fascinated by the German-speaking city which has many historical sites, old churches and a few hundred-year-old restaurants. Some of my favourite blogs are by people who live in Zurich and I love seeing their everyday photos from there. I hope to take my parents there and spend a week sightseeing and enjoying beer, hopefully around the beginning of September.

My absolute favourite restaurant in Zurich is ‘Kronenhalle’, which is a historical bar and restaurant established in 1924. Its customers appreciate the classic interior, cutlery and serving style as well as the quality of the cuisine. Since I visited the restaurant, I began appreciating antiques, preserving traditional ways, and artworks, especially Chagall.

It was the last day of classes before the holiday today. I am really looking forward to going back to Japan, spending time with my parents and meeting some Japanese scholars to get some advice for my dissertation.

Passed a milestone

I cannot believe how fast the first two months of this year have gone by!

All the topics of my coursework are set, and the dissertation topic is also fixed, so from now on, I can just focus on analysing data, and reading and writing. This is a huge relief for me, as some of my friends are still struggling to decide on their research topics, and I know it could be very stressful. I am finally able to see that I should be able to get over this mountain by August.