Future Course

I met my supervisor this morning for the first time in three months and discussed my research proposal and my doctorate application. The good news was that she liked my proposal and I got a lot of precise feedback about the methodology and suggestions for improving the proposal to apply. She also mentioned that it would be best for me to start a PhD from January 2017. She was positive that I would start it in January because I could focus on writing my dissertation and improving the precision of the proposal while discussing them until the next application deadline in July. I agreed with her and set a rough schedule for the next ten months.

This revision process of the research proposal is a rough period. My first proposal was rejected in January, and it has taken three months to restore my motivation, to be positive mentally and emotionally, and to get an alternative idea to revise the proposal. Some students gave up trying to apply because of the emotional tiredness of rewriting repeatedly. I only do one thing at a time and continue the process patiently.

Last Presentation in MA

I finally finished the presentation of my research project. It was a very productive time as I was able to get feedback from my professor for over 40 mins and clarify my project’s content. Virtually all of my presentations in my MA course 2015-16 are done. I cannot believe how fast my first year at uni in England has sped by!

I still have so much work to do over the next four months, but one good thing is that I don’t need to think about the classes anymore and I only work on writing essays, which are due in two weeks.

My current daily routine includes getting up at 8 am, writing an essay in the morning, getting a takeaway lunch at the campus canteen, writing another essay in the afternoon, taking a walk around the campus at 7 pm and getting some food at the supermarket and back to work again.


I visited my mum in Japan for the first time in a year. She looked well and had put on a little weight. This trip was a kind of tracking of my childhood memories, and I visited some cafes and restaurants where I would often go with my parents as a child. They were still there and the madams were still working.

My mum and I discovered a nice tempura restaurant called ‘Sazen’. They serve tempura on a counter while the chef fries vegetables and fish. The taste was wonderful and much better than some famous tempura restaurants in Tokyo. We went there several times for lunch and dinner.

Overall, in Tokyo, I had pretty busy days but I also enjoyed the normal life I used to have, such as having Japanese breakfast, going to local shops for coffee, and viewing high-rise buildings in Roppongi, Marunouchi and Shinjuku. I was also able to see the cherry blossoms at their best with my dad. Everything was lovely in Japan.