Weekend baking

Grace asked me to bake a cake with her, and we made two carrot cakes. I recently realised that homemade cakes taste fantastic after being chilled in the fridge overnight. I have tried it with carrot cakes, lemon drizzle cakes and chocolate cakes, and they were also good two days later. It would be due to the rich ingredients.

The baking utensils I have collected in England are piled up, but I would like to buy some more. Baking stuff is always tempting.

Stroll in the town

It was summery weather at more than 20 degrees today. On the campus, students got together along the lake, and read books or played games on the grass.

I started to work on my dissertation, so I spent my morning collecting papers for the literature review and writing my dissertation proposal to discuss with my supervisor, but I really wanted to go out and take a walk today, so I took a stroll around the town in summer clothes.

A street called ‘Elm Hill’, which is a very old cobbled lane, is a famous and historic place in Norwich. A coffee shop on the corner of the street is also famous and my favourite. The area surrounding Norwich Cathedral is very beautiful and a well-conserved historical site.

Mini Celebration

One of my flatmates who studies economics has also finished all her exams. She and another flatmate and me cooked meal and had a mini celebration with champagne for finishing all of our classes and assignments. I cannot well describe the real sense of achievement I feel now. I could not have overcome many challenges in this MA without my mates. April was a particularly tough period.

I will spend the rest of this week watching films, writing emails to my old teachers, friends and family, and maybe baking. The weather is getting nicer and warmer.