Session on Japan 1

I delivered two sessions on Japanese culture to local school children. Each session was 50 minutes, and I made PowerPoint slides featuring brief information about Japan’s terrain such as earthquakes, the climate and landmarks, food including everyday popular food, breakfast and strange dishes, and anime, school uniforms, kimono, etc. And I brought from Japan some magazines, snacks, and my kimono to show in the sessions.

I also had dried fish snacks and soy bean candies for a food tasting session, because one of the teachers suggested that she liked dried fish when she visited Japan. However, few children tried them; dried fish was completely unpopular and they hated the snacks!

During lunchtime, I was planning strategy for the second session, to talk slowly and calmly, and to have more interactions with them by asking questions. I also thought I needed to learn more variations when students gave the wrong answers to quiz questions and little reaction happens.

In the second session, all 20 children were girls. I felt a little more relaxed, started talking slowly, asked lots of questions and tried to talk with them as much as possible. I also enjoyed talking with them about British stuff, and they became more talkative when it came to their own British culture. I realised that it was successful to communicate with them: giving some explanations about Japanese culture and throwing questions about British corresponding things. If I had consecutive sessions with the students, it would be an idea, but we had just one session. I need to think of a way to balance giving information and getting their attention. Overall, the school children were cute and I liked them!