Session on Japan 1

I delivered two sessions on Japanese culture to local school children. Each session was 50 minutes. I made PowerPoint slides featuring brief information about Japan’s terrain, the climate, landmarks, everyday popular food, breakfast, strange dishes, anime, school uniforms, kimono, etc. And I brought from Japan some magazines, snacks and my kimono to show in the sessions.

I also had dried fish snacks and soybean candies for a food tasting session, because one of the teachers suggested that she liked dried fish when she visited Japan. However, few children tried them, dried fish was completely unpopular!

During lunchtime, I was planning strategy for the second session, to talk slowly and calmly, and to have more interactions with them by asking questions. I also thought I needed to learn more variations when students gave the wrong answers to quiz questions and little reaction happens.

In the second session, all 20 children were girls. I felt a little more relaxed, started talking slowly, asked lots of questions and tried to talk with them as much as possible. I also enjoyed talking with them about British stuff, and they became more talkative when it came to their own British culture.

Overall, the children were cute, and I liked them!