I had lunch with Charlotte at a Cantonese restaurant. This was a nice mini farewell party for us, because she is moving out of the flat on 9th. She is going straight to Japan for holidays and then going back to China.

Charlotte is my best friend in the flat. We have lived together for more than one year, shared some secrets and family things, cooked meals together and talked a lot every morning and every night except during the exam period and term break. I am going to miss her very much.

I talked about this to Luca. He said, ‘welcome to the international life’, and ‘you always keep the closest of friends around the world no matter what or where. The best part is when you see her again’. He spent his student life at international schools in various countries, so his close friends are scattered all over the world. Now I can understand that it is hard when I realise that my friends are not in the same country anymore.

That night, I cooked onion pasta with Sicilian pistachio pesto that Luca brought from Sicily, and he recommended me to cook it with chopped onion and the pesto. It tasted really nice.