Sicily Day 4

My first time in Sicily sped by very quickly. For the last three days, his mum attended to me from the beginning to the end for all places. She must have been very tired.

At the airport, we had coffee and snacks, and I promised her that I would definitely send something from Japan to her. I really appreciate her hosting. I would like to take Italian class to learn the language and culture and would like to enjoy more Italian holidays in my life.

Luca and I took a flight at noon and flew back to England. Soon after we got on our plane, we opened our laptops and started working on our dissertations while drinking lemonade. The flight was nice. I saw several small islands and the beautiful shape of the city of Naples. We will come back next year to travel around all places in Sicily for at least two weeks.

Sicily Day 3

We woke up around noon. We were very tired from swimming on the second day. His mum was planning to go to a proper sandy beach on the third day, but we decided to go to Taormina instead, which is one of the most popular places in Sicily.

Taormina is so beautiful, and the most unforgettable place I have ever visited in Italy. I took many pictures of the town and the seascape and sent them to my mum.

After walking around the town, we had granite with brioche at a popular cafeteria called BamBar. I truly love the Sicilian almond granite (and pistachio gelato). We shopped for matching shirts and local traditional ceramic plates, as well as lots of food, pistachio cream, pesto and wine.

His mum made an appointment at the dentist for him. He said he didn’t want to finish his holidays with the dentists, but she took us to the dentist after Taormina. It was just a check up, but a very funny experience. I ended up watching the whole process in the same room.

At night, I helped her with the cooking. We cooked pasta and omelette!

More than anything else, I want to mention about the coffee his mum makes. She uses a classic coffee pot, not an electronic coffee machine. The coffee was wonderful! The everyday food in Sicily was a luxury for me.


Sicily Day 2

We went to a long-awaited Sicilian beach! It was not a sandy beach but a rocky beach on an island. We took a boat from a yacht harbour and crossed the sea for about 15 minutes. On the small island, there were local people swimming. We wore rubber shoes because it is a natural rocky island, but I ended up scratching my legs a lot. The sea was transparent and I was able to see the bottom of the sea.

I loved swimming in the sea in Japan. But this time, I thought that real nature was scary, because the waves crashed into the rocks on the island and they were strong waves for me, they swept me off my feet easily and the sea was considerably deep. I was very scared of it, but other people were swimming so easily.

After an hour of swimming besides the island while being supported by Luca, I was able to swim towards another small island, which had even stronger waves. He supported my body and moved me while I was trying to swim, like a dad! We swam for about five hours in the afternoon. We got very tired.

That night, his mum cooked some local fresh tuna. The grilled tuna coated with sesame was great. We also had local watermelon to follow. All the activities and the food were Sicilian. I had quite a fulfilling day!

Sicily Day 1

I flew to Sicily from London Gatwick airport. When I got to the airport, Luca, his mum, and his stepdad welcomed me with big hugs and kisses in the Italian way! It was such an unexpectedly warm welcome for me.

Whenever I go to shops with his family, the local people speak to me using some Japanese phrases once they know I am Japanese. So, I have had very relaxing and enjoyable days, with delicious food!

In terms of the food, Sicilian cuisine is absolutely fantastic! On the first day, his mum took me to the city centre to have a Brioche Sicilian Pistachio Gelato Sandwich. That was not just gelato but actually turned out to have the biggest impact on me during this trip because it was so incredibly tasty!

His mum took me all around the popular sites, churches, a cathedral and a restaurant, where we had a starter and a main course for dinner. We had bruschetta, grilled vegetables and pizza. My first day in Catania was full of his parents’ warm welcome and wonderful gelato, bruschetta and pizza.


I had lunch with Charlotte at a Cantonese restaurant. This was a nice mini farewell party for us, because she is moving out of the flat on 9th. She is going straight to Japan for holidays and then going back to China.

Charlotte is my best friend in the flat. We have lived together for more than one year, shared some secrets and family things, cooked meals together and talked a lot every morning and every night except during the exam period and term break. I am going to miss her very much.

I talked about this to Luca. He said, ‘welcome to the international life’, and ‘you always keep the closest of friends around the world no matter what or where. The best part is when you see her again’. He spent his student life at international schools in various countries, so his close friends are scattered all over the world. Now I can understand that it is hard when I realise that my friends are not in the same country anymore.

That night, I cooked onion pasta with Sicilian pistachio pesto that Luca brought from Sicily, and he recommended me to cook it with chopped onion and the pesto. It tasted really nice.