Sicily Day 1

I flew to Sicily from London Gatwick airport. When I got to the airport, Luca, his mum, and his stepdad welcomed me with big hugs and kisses in the Italian way! It was such an unexpectedly warm welcome for me.

Whenever I go to shops with his family, the local people speak to me using some Japanese phrases once they know I am Japanese. So, I have had very relaxing and enjoyable days, with delicious food!

In terms of the food, Sicilian cuisine is absolutely fantastic! On the first day, his mum took me to the city centre to have a Brioche Sicilian Pistachio Gelato Sandwich. That was not just gelato but actually turned out to have the biggest impact on me during this trip because it was so incredibly tasty!

His mum took me all around the popular sites, churches, a cathedral and a restaurant, where we had a starter and a main course for dinner. We had bruschetta, grilled vegetables and pizza. My first day in Catania was full of his parents’ warm welcome and wonderful gelato, bruschetta and pizza.

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