Sicily Day 2

We went to a long-awaited Sicilian beach! It was not a sandy beach but a rocky beach on an island. We took a boat from a yacht harbour and crossed the sea for about 15 minutes. On the small island, there were local people swimming. We wore rubber shoes because it is a natural rocky island, but I ended up scratching my legs a lot. The sea was transparent and I was able to see the bottom of the sea.

I loved swimming in the sea in Japan. But this time, I thought that real nature was scary, because the waves crashed into the rocks on the island and they were strong waves for me, they swept me off my feet easily and the sea was considerably deep. I was very scared of it, but other people were swimming so easily.

After an hour of swimming besides the island while being supported by Luca, I was able to swim towards another small island, which had even stronger waves. He supported my body and moved me while I was trying to swim, like a dad! We swam for about five hours in the afternoon. We got very tired.

That night, his mum cooked some local fresh tuna. The grilled tuna coated with sesame was great. We also had local watermelon to follow. All the activities and the food were Sicilian. I had quite a fulfilling day!

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