Fresher week

It’s welcome week at university. I gave a short talk on Japanese culture to freshers in a university induction. I was nervous before going to the classroom, but everything was fine once I started talking. When I stood in front of them, I forgot almost everything I wanted to say, but quickly reorganised the structure of my talk. It went surprisingly well, because I was able to interact with the students more frankly.

On the day before, I was feeling some anxieties until I found a vision which freshers would be interested in. Luca gave me much advice about teaching skills. His feedback was to supply more visual variations in my PowerPoint slides and to give clearer instructions to students.


A three-day trip to Amsterdam was great fun! I always stop at Schiphol airport in Amsterdam every time I fly to Tokyo and felt like travelling to Holland. Luca arranged this trip and took me to many places.

In Amsterdam, the Dutch houses and architecture were most fascinating. They reminded me of Zurich because the well-preserved structure of buildings and the appealing entrance of houses around the central area had some similarities. In terms of food, there was more cultural diversity. I enjoyed sandwiches at several bakeries, which were delicious.

Amsterdam has multiple faces of the food culture, arts and pastimes, which makes the city more attractive and relaxing. Luca loves the city and has enjoyed this trip more than me!


French toast

We have sorted out almost everything about house things. I am feeling relaxed to have such a slow pace of life, cooking French toast for breakfast and cooking lasagne for dinner.

This slow-living restores a balance to my life, hopefully, his life as well, though we are going back to work very soon. This week, we are going on a three-day trip to Amsterdam!


Our little kitchen

I have been enjoying cooking meals every day, which is a privilege of a waiting period until I start my PhD programme.

Luca found a dining table for four at a charity shop. The small kitchen with the dining table is my favourite space in this house!



My laptop (Panasonic, Windows 7) had lots of screen issues, and many black spots on the screen have expanded day by day. Fortunately, the laptop held out until my dissertation’s deadline. I decided to take the laptop to a shop for repairs and to buy a new laptop.

I got a MacBook Pro and I’m feeling a bit nostalgic because I used Macintosh Performa 577 and iMac G3 when I was teenager! The easiness of this Mac interface still remains and it reminds me of my teenage years. I got used to Mac OS very quickly, even though I have only used Windows for 15 years.

When I was a high school student, I loved technology much more than I do now. That’s why I loved the Macintosh Performa series. I taught myself coding and created several websites. It was just a hobby. I abandoned the hobby of coding when I switched to Windows and became busier with work. I don’t know why, but Mac OS always inspires people to be creative.

The other day, when I woke up at 11 am and went to the kitchen, Luca was preparing fruit, toast, jam, scrambled eggs, mini doughnuts, juice and tea for our breakfast, which looked stunning. I am very happy to know that he is trying to have as much quality time with me as possible this month.