37th Birthday

I turned 37 yesterday! I was able to spend this week with my father, aunt and colleagues and have a good chat with them over lunches and dinners, which was very relaxing. I will meet up with my best friend next week. Her birthday is the same day as mine, so it will be lovely to celebrate our birthdays together.

Since I turned 30, I have looked up to women in their 40s, and my admiration is getting stronger. In my eyes, women over 40 are so mature and golden, as they know about themselves very well and have the advantage of their experience to develop flexible attitudes toward life. I am lucky to have such role models around me. They teach me how to discard things not meant for you and how to maximise enjoying everyday life. My resolutions for the next three years are to study well, learn well, take care of myself and create the basis of something to prepare for turning 40.

My aunt said to me over dinner today that something about my view of life has changed over the past two years. She asked me what had prompted it. My answers were ‘I don’t know’ or ‘I have never thought about that’. I hardly go over past experiences once they have passed, though I might remember something if I read my old diaries over and over. That’s why blogging is always helpful as a record. Although I surely fit a lid over tough personal experiences without saying anything to anyone, the luckiest thing is that I get over shocks very quickly and optimistically.