Visa application

A sponsorship document was issued by my university on 2nd November, and I submitted my visa application today. I have done half of the process of the application and made an appointment with the immigration office.

My research programme this time is for four years. The health surcharge surprisingly costs so much. I have made a payment for the visa application, health surcharge and priority service, which cost me nearly £1,400. Higher education in the UK and living in the country is expensive and becoming more so every year.

A book on PhD studies says that ‘if you run out of money you will not be able to complete it; issues like landlords, tuition fees and food will suddenly dominate your life’. This has already turned out to be true, even in the visa application process. I know some people who have given up their research due to their financial situations. We should always be aware and keep an accurate record of our income and outgoings.