Today is special. I went to a spa for my favourite body and facial treatment. This was a gift from my father as a reward for completing my MA studies and as a belated birthday and early Christmas gift.

For this Christmas, I will stay home alone in England. It is the very first time for me to spend the Christmas break in the UK and to be alone for Christmas. My father felt sorry for me and gave me this beautiful present, a spa treatment including a two-hour body massage, an hour’s facial course and a hotel stay with a treat. I feel that this is a true reward for myself. I am writing this in the room after having had the treatment, feeling relaxed.

This room overlooks Tokyo Station and the business district. This is my most favourite scenery in Tokyo and reminds me of my hectic days in my twenties. But, I enjoyed my spare time in my 20s, baking bread and cakes on weekends and travelling with friends. Now, the actual working hours per day have become less than in those days, but my work stays in my mind and insomnia is a usual matter. The nature of my ‘busyness’ has changed.

Luca is coming to Tokyo in three weeks, which is the first time for him. I have been arranging accommodation, restaurants, places to visit for sightseeing, and dinner with my close friends and my dad! I would be very happy if he could get to know a bit about my culture and background in my home country. It could help us understand each other better. I would also like to know more about his culture. The schedule of his Tokyo stay is almost full.