Thursdays with my aunt

When I visited my 77-year old aunt at the end of October, we had three bottles of wine together while discussing my research topic and her expertise, which was so much fun!

My aunt asked me to send a hard copy of my thesis to her and to visit her the following week. I visited her again this week to further discuss my studies over coffee. Her field is psychiatry, and she worked in the field over half a century. Her keen interest in my field is understandable. I could tell that she carefully read my thesis and had many notes as her comments.

She gave me some advice, suggestions and support for networking, for which I am very grateful. The first recommendation was to utilise my connections with my relatives. Almost all of my family members are medical workers. I arranged trips to see them. She also seemed to want to talk to me more about various topics. I was also impressed with her curiosity, energy and passion for discussing academic issues. We promised to meet up two more times for dinner before I leave for England.

Today, at Lindt cafe, I had a chocolate crepe with dark chocolate ice-cream and coffee. I think it was the most delicious food I have had in Japan during this stay. The chocolate released my work stress.