Old Bar

My visa application went smoothly, and my passport was returned with the new visa a week after I visited the application centre. I appreciate the priority service! I now feel very relieved that I can finally fly back to England.

I have also completed the online registration for my PhD programme. With this as a starter, an unfamiliar situation began to happen to me. So many unread emails from my university have piled up in my mailbox every day. The emails are no longer addressed ‘Dear Students’ but ‘Dear Researchers’. It seems that I need to select the important emails from all of the information from my school, department, office, societies, supervisors and directors. I suppose that lecturers in a supervisor position get even more emails, messages and documents. They must be very, very busy trying to deal with each response besides their work.

On the 19th, I met up with Nanami and went on a pub crawl. I heard all about what happened when she broke up with her boyfriend over a bit of a strong Manhattan and some Armagnac. It was 3 am when I saw my watch. We were pretty drunk and I went home by taxi. I realised I had slept in the entrance hall of my house when I woke up at noon. It has been a while since the last time I had such a stupid night out! I think I had a much needed break and relaxation.