I am determined to spend my future Christmas holidays in Tokyo with my family and friends from next year onwards. I have been feeling really sad staying alone here and being apart from them!

The only reason I came back to England in early December was that I had a few meetings: one with my supervisor, and the others with the office about my teaching contract and an interview for another teaching position.

The office asked me whether I was interested in an academic position for undergraduate modules and to come to the interview if I was. Engaging in a teaching job is the goal for my career, but my PhD research should be prioritised. Having an excessive amount of work in the daytime and evening would be too much for me, some people said. My family pushed me to go for the interview, whatever the result.

As it turned out, I wasn’t appointed the position, but it did make me think about my past experiences and knowledge of just a tiny part of the academic field where I am.

I now focus on my work I already have and on what I should do in order not to fail.

It sounds really ridiculous that I am writing this, because I was an accountant working for a software company until two years ago. If I had a new family and a child, my dream job would definitely be an etiquette teacher just for my child! Sometimes jobs can be everything and the whole life. Whenever I started my previous jobs, I loved them with all my heart and soul. So, it might be shame that my feelings changed and that I am now obsessed with a different, brand-new career.

One of my New Year’s resolutions is to keep excellent records of my reading, writing, teaching and thoughts.