Week 3-4


I have spent most of my time preparing teaching and reading materials for week 3. For week 4, I completed compulsory training on information security, while continuing to revise my teaching plan and research proposal, which is going to be endless for a while! The time has gone so quickly. I have had the same routine of work and the same food everyday for the last two weeks: instant ramen with kale and green peas.

On the 26th, I met all of my peers in my faculty at a seminar and got an individual work space on campus. The biggest news of this week was that Luca got a job. It seems that almost everything begun to settle down for both of us!


Spring week 2

My language classes in week 2 gave me a clearer understanding of the characteristics of each class. The Monday class has been successful so far because most of the members seem to enjoy talking with classmates using the target language, and they tend to be friendly to other class members! Wednesday’s class seems more serious in terms of the class activities. Some students are very keen to study grammar, writing, understand the sentences logically. These classes might go differently. I will see how it goes for a couple of weeks.


Luca finally got a job today (24th January), and it was actually his first ever job interview! Congratulations to him, I am really happy to share this happy moment with him!

His 22-year life has been filled with non-stop academic work, he said. Since he did not have any internship experience in the past, the four-month period of job hunting since last September was a rough time for him. I was sad and uneasy because I could not help him at all in terms of finding a job or working out what factors obstructed him getting to the interview stage.

However, he was patient enough to look for a job that suited his area of study and that is likely to take him to the next stage in his life. I was less patient than him and often exposed my anxieties.

He made today’s quick lunch as a mini celebration: parsnip soup, leftover pizza, and a glass of red wine. I learnt one thing: his job hunting turned out to be successful because he overcame a hard time. I tend to be hasty, so I need to have a more open mind about things that have yet to happen.