Spring week 1


I survived the first week of my teaching at university. I made almost all of the teaching materials based on ESL teaching models. With Luca’s support and ideas, I built the first lesson plan and activity sheets. I am sure that I could not have carried out this position without his help, and I found another of his talents as a good teacher. I would like to be like that!

I have two classes a week in this semester, Monday and Wednesday. Both are beginners. The atmosphere in each class is a little different. Monday class with 15 students is a more fun environment, and the students love conversation-based activities. The Wednesday class with 16 students is more serious, and they are keen to study reading and writing, as many of them are planning to visit Japan for work.

The process of each section of the lesson was smooth. I was really happy to know that they seemed to enjoy the first lesson! I need to develop my teaching skills and class management skills from now on, because I would like to help with their learning and development of language skills and their future careers.