Luca finally got a job today! It was his first ever job interview. Congratulations to him, I am really happy to share this happy moment with him!

His life has been filled with non-stop academic work, he said. Since he did not have any internship experience in the past, the four-month period of job hunting since last September was a rough time for him. I was uneasy because I could not help him at all in terms of finding a job or working out what factors obstructed him getting to the interview stage.

However, he was patient enough to look for a job that suited his area of study and that is likely to take him to the next stage in his life. I was less patient than him and often exposed my anxieties.

He made today’s quick lunch as a mini celebration: parsnip soup, leftover pizza, and a glass of red wine. I learnt one thing: his job hunting turned out to be successful because he overcame a hard time. I tend to be hasty, so I need to have a more open mind about things that have yet to happen.


He made fantastic parsnip soup!


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