Spring week 3

We switched our classroom to a new room. It suits our class with 15 people and it is so much better for doing activities! We also started writing practice. From next lesson onwards, I am going to balance the amount of time spent on speaking, listening and writing drills.

Here is a list of what I like and dislike about teaching adults a language from one month’s experience.

What I like:
I can meet new people who are interested in my culture.
I can learn a profound origin/history of the target language.
I feel happy when I get positive responses from the students.
I feel happy when I find that students’ language skills have improved.
My voice is getting louder.

What I dislike:
I spend too much time preparing for each lesson and doing paperwork.
I always feel nervous before/during the class.
I feel anxious when more than three students are absent.
I hate myself when I fail to give instructions properly.
I get back home late.

Overall, I like teaching! I have received emails from the students about some questions on language, and I am very happy to know that they are so keen to study. Communicating with them is an additional pleasure in the job!