Week 7

I had another meeting with my supervisors this week. I have to finally start writing the literature review chapter of my thesis, which will be assessed in September. I am also working on a statement about the research plan. I am about to plunge into ‘writing’!

Luca and I had our first Valentine’s Day together and had dinner at our favourite restaurant. I had vegetarian meal: grilled mushroom for the starter, mushroom ravioli for the main course and cheeses for after the meal. They were very delicious!

On Thursday and Friday, I talked to my parents on Skype. They told me that my uncle has been unwell and his condition was just past the critical stage. My mum said that he wants to sort out his properties and he was wondering whether I would like to take over a small house from him or not. I spent years living at the house when I was very young. I have always had a great attachment to the house, even now. He knows my feelings. However, taking over the house from him means a lot of things, so it is not just a matter of owning it. It includes taking responsibility for the family traditions and customs and looking after the family’s graves in the region. His wife and children have already left the area and live in a different place. This is going to be a big decision to make, as I currently live in the UK and I am planning my future abroad, not in Japan.


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