Week 8

I attended a session titled ‘Project Management’, which was very useful! The tutor showed us some models and methods for applying a scientific model of corporate or programme management to an academic environment. Specifically, three factors, cost, time and scope, represented as the ‘Triple Constraint’ triangle was very interesting. It gives you a clear idea of how to balance each factor in your project.

I also found a useful website Program Success, which explains the model in detail and effectively!

Good project management is all about control, completion and quality definition. The tutor stressed planning the project weekly:

  • set blocks per week
  • set weekly goals
  • keep weekly achievements

My achievements from Week 8:

  • I made a substantial change in my research proposal and submitted it.
  • Teaching went well.
  • I joined two research seminars.

Goals for the next week are to

  • prepare for the 3rd supervision meeting
  • attend three training sessions
  • do more student-led activities in class
  • work on literature review, adding at least 700 words by 3rd March

As for my social life, I still have no close friend here! Strangely, I haven’t felt the necessity to socialise with friends for now, and it might be because Luca has greatly supported me, and I have enjoyed interacting with my students on a daily basis. But I always hope to have a friend in this town to have a bit of a social life!


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