Week 10

On Tuesday night, we went to a musical theatre to see Mamma Mia! That was truly wonderful. We also enjoyed wine and sushi dinner, which was a lovely relaxing time in the middle of the week.

Apart from that, I worked on writing summaries of my reading and attended two training seminars. Luca is very busy with work and has been unwell. He went to the nearest GP clinic a couple of times this week. I hope he gets well soon.

Lots of reading materials are coming up non-stop. My Endnote skills are also not good enough yet to record and manage the reading list. I tend to waste time dealing with that kind of unfamiliar work.

My achievement from Week 10:

  • took two sessions: understanding copyrights and English writing

Goals for the next week are to:

  • finish writing three documents
  • attend four training sessions

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