Week 17

Week 17 was busy with attending three seminars and extra reading. I need to finish writing another 2,000-word summary. One of my supervisors allowed me to sit in on her module at medical school, which discussed the topic of End-of-Life Care. I observed the medical students’ consultation work with older patients in particularly challenging situations. […]

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Day off

On Saturday, I read a book on mentality, how to restore confidence and how to make myself motivated again – a kind of positive thinking method. Following the instructions in the book, I made a list of my future goals and top 10 priorities. My research eventually came out as the number one priority. I […]

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Week 16

Last weekend, we celebrated Easter Sunday by eating chocolate Easter eggs. The day before, we went to our favourite Italian restaurant, and there he gave me a surprise card for the Easter celebration. It was my first time to celebrate Easter in the UK. The Easter break is over, and I am back to work. […]

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Week 15

I have been working on several tasks: editing my research protocol, writing literature reviews on two main topics and preparing ethics forms. The biggest achievement from Week 15 was that I got approval to take an audio-recording of primary data for my research, which is a very positive step in the right direction. It also […]

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