Week 17


Week 17 was busy with attending three seminars and extra reading. I need to finish writing another 2,000 word summary as soon as possible.

Sometimes, I start something funny. Last week, when I was reading a website about a minimalist lifestyle, which involved living in a small flat with less stuff, I wished I could be like that. But I cannot throw away my books, stationery, miniature Dutch house collections and baking utensils, so I am not able to become a minimalist, but I threw away quite a few things this week. It was actually very refreshing.

One of my supervisors allowed me to sit in on her module at medical school, which discussed the topic of End-of-Life Care. I observed the medical students’ consultation work with older patients in particularly challenging situations. It made me aware of not only the need for health professionals to prepare for such challenging issues but also how the professionals’ empathic responses help to improve the patients’ feelings.

My goals for week 18:

  • write a summary of reading on pragmatics
  • enjoy teaching
  • bake a birthday cake and celebrate Luca’s birthday on the 6th