Week 21

My Ethics applications are nearing completion. I had a meeting with my primary supervisor to get her feedback on my draft of the applications. I also have a meeting with an expert on Research Ethics next week.   My goals for Week 22: Complete the final version of my Ethics applications Enjoy teaching Structure one chapter […]

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Week 20

It was unusual that I slept more than 12 hours a day for four consecutive days this week. After waking up, I spent the day reading, writing and teaching, and I still felt sleepy. This made me feel stressed, ‘What unproductive days! How stupid I am’. I concentrated on writing up my Ethics forms on […]

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Week 19

I have done all of the training seminars that I need to complete this semester. I attended a session on Ethnography, and I found it very interesting and useful. My research includes fieldwork. Although I have been preparing for it, I didn’t have a precise vision for things such as the schedule, procedure, and lists […]

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