Week 19

I have done all of the training seminars that I need to complete this semester, so there are no more sessions apart from conferences until October!

I attended a session on Ethnography, and I found it very interesting and useful. My research includes fieldwork. Although I have been preparing for it, I didn’t have a precise vision for things such as the schedule, procedure, and lists of questions for interviews. Since I have struggled with writing up the methodology section, the session gave me abundant information and instructions about fieldwork abroad. I was also able to know how to keep a record of fieldwork notes. Some researchers digitise all their resources to keep records and some still prefer to make handwritten notes. I love the analogue style, so will write by hand (but at the same time, digital backup is essential anyways).

On the weekend, I slept well and did nothing except making teaching materials. My cold has gone.

My goals for week 20:

  • Fill in all Ethics forms and submit them to my supervisors
  • Enjoy teaching
  • Do some socialising and baking on the weekend