Week 20



It was unusual that I slept more than 12 hours a day for four consecutive days this week. After waking up, I spent the day reading, writing and teaching, and I still felt sleepy. That made me feel stressed, ‘What unproductive days! How stupid I am!’.

I concentrated on writing up my Ethics forms on Tuesday, Thursday and Friday. The period of time when I was writing them was productive. After submitting them, I went for dinner with my colleagues. I eventually achieved my goals for week 20.

During our dinner, I talked about my anxieties to my colleagues to get some advice. They told me about how they felt the same way during the first six-month period and how they became more confident as they progressed. They cheered me up, but my worries never vanish, maybe because they look clever enough to deal with it.

I am going to an Indian restaurant with Luca tonight. A weekend treat is an essential part of each week.

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