Summer Week 4

One of my students told me that she has been struggling to keep up with the lessons and that she wanted me to explain every single detail of the target language. Although it has not been easy to pay attention to the understanding of 14 students in the conversation-based class, I tried to analyse why she found it so difficult to learn. There might be other students who feel the same way, and it might be something I’m lacking.

For the other class, I give much information without using slides and I take time for each activity. I will also try to teach her class more slowly next time, and prepare a reference of grammar explanation and activity materials. Like I felt in the last semester, this has two sides: I would like to help their learning as much as possible but it actually requires a huge commitment.

There are five more weeks until I finish all of the lessons. I will try my best because it would be wonderful if they found it interesting to learn the Japanese language!

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