Week 19

I have done all of the training seminars that I need to complete this semester. I attended a session on Ethnography, and I found it very interesting and useful. My research includes fieldwork. Although I have been preparing for it, I didn't have a precise vision for things such as the schedule, procedure, and lists [...]

Summer Class Week 2

I have been enjoying teaching more than last semester. The teaching plans that I already made for the last semester are still helpful, which makes me feel less stressed. Also, a new textbook that I chose for the upper Beginners class has a good teacher's guidebook. I am also providing students with as many extra [...]

Week 18

Week 18

The main event of week 18 was Luca's birthday! I cooked a vegetarian lasagna and baked a chocolate birthday cake. We spent the whole day of Saturday having a luncheon party with his friends, going to watch WWE UK wrestling and having drinks afterwards. To enjoy those birthday events, I managed to submit my work [...]