Weeks 25 and 26

I am writing this with an enormous sense of relief. For the past two weeks, since I came back from Tokyo, I had been concentrating on editing my chapter, although it was a struggle and I had to ask my supervisors for a two-day extension. I finally submitted my work last night at 10 pm. [...]

Week 24

Week 24

On Thursday morning, I flew to Japan and arrived at Narita on Friday morning. I stayed for two nights and left Narita on Sunday morning. I am back in England. My colleague picked me up at Narita, and we headed to the office. This trip was for doing some work and shopping for food and books to [...]

Summer Class Weeks 5 and 6

Classes have been going well! The students are very keen to study grammatical points, as well as conversational phrases. I have been feeling less stressed about teaching the Beginners course, as this is the second round of teaching the same contents for me, and also the students are very nice, honest and frank, which has [...]